At CPS INKworks printing is taken seriously, that's why I have the most up to date printers and all papers are individually profiled on-site, utilizing the latest profiling equipment.
Our printers are by Epson® and use either Ultrachrome HDR™ or Ultrachrome K3™ Ink Technologies.

Traditional printing requires the training of the eye to detect subtle colour differences. This training helps in creating the perfect colour balance which transforms an average image into a beautiful piece of digital art. My background is in traditional darkroom printing and because of this I have a finely tuned ability to evaluate and correct colour balances. When these colour balances are corrected, your images come alive. This training sets me apart from the competition.

The only way to guarantee a successful product is to truly understand your clients’ needs.  It is important to me to spend time with my clients, to get to know what is important to them, knowing how they want their prints printed, tonal values, colour saturation, etc, once these decisions are made, we are ready to print.
I look forward to meeting you, discussing your printing requirements and showing you what we have to offer. When it comes to Customer Service and Quality Workmanship, you can depend on CPS INKworks to deliver.

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